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And I Awoke (2012). Single channel (1920x1080) HD video, 4:10 min. Music composed by Esben Tjalve and performed by Falgren Strings Production.

And I Awoke (2012) reflects on the complexities of the human subconscious and the struggle for inner peace. The film echoes the final dream sequence in Leo Tolstoy’s A Confession (1882). The book was written at a turning point of the writer’s life, when he was seeking to understand the meaning of life and its moral values, consulting philosophical, religious and scientific texts in the process. In the dream, Tolstoy sees his body entangled in wires lying on a bed that is hanging, suspended in what he defines as ‘infinite space’. The inner struggle and helplessness push him to resist the gravitational force of the suspense. ‘And it seemed as if someone said to me: “See that you remember.” And I awoke.’