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DEsire Lines
Desire Lines /Duende/ (2011). Six channel synchronized (1920x1080) HD video, three channel sound, 29:11 min. Installation view Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul, 2011.

"Any man - any artist, as Nietzsche would say - climbs the stairway in the tower of his perfection at the cost of a struggle with a duende - not with an angel, as some have maintained, or with his muse. This fundamental distinction must be kept in mind if the root of a work of art is to be grasped.
All the arts are capable of duende, but it naturally achieves its widest play in the fields of music, dance and the spoken poem, since those require a living presence to interpret them, because they are forms which grow and decline perpetually and raise their contours on the precise present." (Garcia Lorca, F. The Duende: Theory and Divertissement, 1930)

Desire Lines /Duende/ is a large-scale six-channel video and sound installation that was commissioned in 2011 by the Borusan Contemporary Museum in Istanbul. The work examines the converging ideas of past and future, and the disjunction and dissonance that takes place when history and destiny are interpreted and examined against the notions of the rational and illogical. The conceptual framework is broadly positioned in the realms of the sayable and the visible, or the literary and the pictorial, and represents the spectacle of speculative fortunetelling juxtaposed alongside the scientific analysis of objects found at archaeological excavations.

Structurally the work entwines and presents a series of monologues in the tangible format of theatrical performance. Both main elements in the installation form narrative meanings deriving from the chance, or random juxtapositions of the objects by the fortune-tellers and the archaeologists. The narrative patterns in the stories unfold a series of moral tales that have a hypothetical relevance to contemporary art, and furthermore comment on the creative processes at large.