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Desire Lines /Tarot & Chess/ (2016-17). Single channel HD (2048 x 853) video, audio, 29:11 min. Music composed by Esben Tjalve. Excerpt 15 min.

Lundy, Louis, Barge and Troy (2014). Two channel synchronized (1080x1920) HD video, sound, 6:31 min, MDF (dimensions variable). Production: the 4th Canakkale Biennial. Director of Photography Saygun Dura.

Résurrection des Mannequins (2014). Two channel (1920 x 810) HD video, sound, 05:32 min.
Sitting Dog - Falling Duck (2014). Two channel (1920 x 816) HD video, no sound, 01:01 min, loop.
XII Le Pendu /The Hanged Man/ (2013). Single channel (1920 x 1080) HD video, no sound, 02:39 min.
And I Awoke (2012). Single channel (1920x1080) HD video, sound, 4:10 min. Music composed by Esben Tjalve and performed by Falgren Strings Production.
Desire Lines /Duende/ (2011). Six channel synchronized (1920x1080) HD video, three channel sound, 23:46 min.
Alterity (2011). Single channel (1920x1080) HD video, sound, 13:42 min. Music Schubert Piano Sonata No. 20 and Esben Tjalve.
Crystal & Flame (2010). Four channel synchronized (1920x1080) HD video, sound. Ch I - 30:56 min; Ch II - 38:15 min; Ch III/IV - 24:53 min. Compilation of excerpts from three channels, 6:59 min.
Backbench (2010). Five channel synchronized (1920x1080) HD video, sound, 47:05 min. Split screenl sample. Excerpt 8:27 min.
Liminal Crossing (2009). Two channel synchronized (1920x1080) HD video, sound, 7:45 min. Split screen sample.

Voyage of no Return (2009). Five channel synchronized (4K) HD video, sound, 15 min. Music by Rachel's. Sample - Channel I, 15 min.

Empire (after Andy Warhol) (2008). Single channel (1080i) HD video, sound. 9:43 min
Quintet Without Borders (2007), a collaboration with K. Bojanov. Five channel PAL video, DTS 5.1 surround sound, 21:21min. Excerpt, 7:19 min.

Point of Departure (2006). Six channel PAL video installation, three channel sound, 31:36 min.

Downward Straits (2004). Four channel PAL video, four channel sound. Duration: approximately 3 min video, and 13:25 min audio, continuous loop.

Poised in the Infinite Ocean (2004). Three channel PAL video, two channel sound, 5:21 min. Reading from the book The Outlaw Sea by the author William Langewiesche.

Entanglement (2003). Six channel PAL video, sound. Duration: approximately 3 min (each channel).

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