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Liquid Breeding
Liquid Breeding (2015), Site-specific anamorphic floor drawing. Vinyl, 7000 x 19300 x 15000 x 12300 mm, CCTV camera, HD monitor. Installation view İçəri Şəhər, Baku, 2015. /Curated by Sara Raza for YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku/

Liquid Breeding (2015) is composed of a 3D render of a series of architectural models alluding to real buildings and references spheres a sea vessel (Noah’s Arc). The project is located in the Old City of Baku, and the public is invited to interact with the drawing by walking across its entire surface. This mundane act of walking is recorded via a security camera, which relays this interaction onto a monitor, which is installed inside Kichik Qala Gallery inside the Old City as well as the YARAT website that displays surreal images of the public walking within a three-dimensional sculptural buildings. The audiences are invited to explore and re-invent the structures that explore the horizontal and vertical expansion of Baku and the liminality of liquid as a matter that resists fixed structures. With several contrasting elements at play Cavusoglu’s complex drawing unfolds a process of cultural translation, which ultimately creates its own temporality and spatial dynamics.(press release text)