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Percé Rock
Percé Rock (2016), cast polyurethane resin
30 x 200 x 35 cm (without plinth), 100 x 230 x 70 cm (with plinth). Installation view Rampa Istanbul, 2016. © Chroma (André Carvalho & Tuğba Karatop)
“Percé Rock: 280 feet from the top to the prow, 250 feet at it’s widest point, 1,420 feet long,” a tourist brochure says laconically and if I don’t mind copying these figures it’s because I wouldn’t be surprised if in the relationship of these dimensions the golden section should appear, Percé Rock being in its proportions that good a model of natural precision. As the prow of the ship drives its north end towards the beach, a wide opening greets us at its base, at the level of the rear mast.
It will always remain essential to the emotional appreciation of the monument, and in it lies its truly unique quality."
André Breton, ‘Arcanum 17’ (1944)