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Silent Glide
Silent Glide (2008-09). Three channel synchronized (1080i) HD video, sound, 25 min. Installation view Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, 2009.

Silent Glide portrays the inconsistencies and complexities of a couple’s relationship, and the growing incompatibilities of their moral values. The work takes its cue from Leo Tolstoy memoir ‘A Confession’, which describes Tolstoy’s inner struggles and search for the philosophical meaning of life and its righteousness. The scenes showing the downward spiral of their relationship are set against the dim industrial landscape of Hereke, Turkey. Once renowned for the production of the finest silk carpets, a destination for the noble and wealthy, nowadays the landscape is dominated by the malaise of the cement factory and the freighter's port. This setting contains all the poetic ingredients for the main character to enable him to create, and ultimately becomes his point of departure.